Filip is an artist/musician who works in a variety of media that range from computer graphics to traditional art. He plays guitar and has done vocals in various bands, albums and has made guest appearances on some other music projects. He also lends his voice to video games, mostly monsters and mobs. Over the years, he both worked and studied in graphic design, 3D animation and Visual FX in movies.

Filip currently lives and works in Montreal and was the former Art Director on Dead by Daylight at Behaviour Interactive. Outside of work, he dedicates his time to his musical projects, paintings, illustrations and album artworks.

Clients I've worked with throughout the years

Behaviour Interactive / Dead By Daylight / Evenko / Grimposium / Growler's Choir / Happy Vilain Corp / Heavy Montreal / Heavy Metal Chaos / La Fabrique des Monstres / La Maison des Viscères / Pharcyde Comics / Pirahna Bar / PukeFest / Quevillon MetalFest / Requiem Fearfest / Sur la Route de l'Horreur / Trois-Rivières MetalFest / University of Concordia / Vox & Hops

5e Baron / Fermentor / Folly Brewpub / Kahnawake Brewing Co. / Labrosse Brewery / Little Cottage Brewery

Agony / Akurion / Anonymus / Augury / B.A.R.F / Beyond Creation / Brough by Pain / Canceric / Crosstitution / Cryptopsy / Dark Century / Demence / Demise of the Crown / Deviant Process / Dismember / Empyreal Dominion / Enslaved / First Fragment / From Dying Suns / Gorguts / Hands of Despair / Hourglass / Humanoid / Infestation / Mass Murder Messiah / Mononc Serge / Nailed / Necronomicon / Necrosphere / Necrotic Mutation / Nervous Impulse / Neuraxis / Nova Spei / Obsolete Mankind / Origin / Point Blank Rage / Pronostic / Purgatoire / Rotting Inside / Shéitan / Shroud / Silent Clash / Simulacra / Sordid / Spirit of Rebelion / Symbiontic / Talamyus / Teramobil / The Gods of Now / Ultyma / Unhuman / Upon the Maze / Upon Ruins / Uriel / Vantablack Warship / Vengeful / Violent Therapy / Voidmask / WarCall

Press and Awards

2018 - Interview for Dead by Daylight on the Allegorithmic website, https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/dead-daylight-substance-brings-your-worst-nightmares-life

2018 - Interview for Dead by Daylight with Noisy Pixel at TwitchCon (San Jose) , https://noisypixel.net/behaviour-digital-interview/

2016 - Featured on BDPmetal.net, for one of the best death metal cover of the month of march (2016):
( Links is dead :'( ) http://www.bdpmetal.net/2016/04/best-death-metal-cover-in-march-2016.html#LrXK2gdrUPqx0VAW.99

2016 - Interview with Feelcore webzine regarding my work in the Quebec metal scene (in french):
( Links is dead :'( ) http://www.feelcore.ca/site/filip-ivanovic-les-dessous-des-couvertures-dalbum/

2016 - An article in Le VOIR on a album artwork I did for the band Necronomicon:

2015 - Article with Thorium Magazine (in french) for the Grimposium Art Exhibition.

2015 - Interview with Montreal Rampage during the Montreal Comiccon.

2015 - Interview with Camuz Musique Montréal during the Montreal Comiccon.
( Links is dead :'( ) http://www.camuz.ca/article/illustrer-la-musique-heavy

2014 - An article in Le VOIR on a album artwork I did for the band Talamyus:

2003 - Winner of a Kotapress Gold Award (January gallery)

2002 - November winner on the Softimage gallery (softimage.com)

2001 - Finalist for the EX-Centris grant for best scenario (3D project at NAD Center)

1999 - Finalist for the Concept Gagnant 99 de BABN contest (1000 participants)

Excerpt from Le VOIR :

"...cette pochette peut déjà se vanter d'être de haut calibre sur l'échiquier métallique mondial. Présent lors du Grimposium, cet artiste ne cesse d'impressionner grâce à son talent hors pair qui lui permet de rivaliser avec de nombreux artistes internationaux étant donné sa parcelle classique sur ses oeuvres tout en gardant quelques éléments lugubres."

Excerpt from the Grimposium Event page :

"...the event's official artist, Filip lvanovic, who will subvert you with his stunning, evocative and mystifying visual art ... prepare yourselves."